A digital sales room is a secure, customer-specific online space where sellers and buyers can communicate and interact. Using the latest technology, digital sales rooms give sales reps and buyers access to all of the documents, videos, and other content to facilitate the buying process. With digital sales rooms, buyers get access to everything they need with one single link, and sellers can gain unique insights into the behavior of potential customers. This allows businesses to stand apart from the competition and create a seamless buying experience that turns more prospects into satisfied customers.


How Does a Digital Sales Room Work?

A Digital Sales Room is a digital space designed to move prospects through the buyer’s journey to the point they become a satisfied customer. It does this by facilitating every interaction between the buyer or a buying group and the sales team in one central space.

Digital Sales Rooms do not replace the traditional CRM in organizing and driving the sales process. Instead, it integrates with it giving sellers a place to share content with the buying group to ensure they have access to everything they need to make a purchasing decision.

1. Create A Digital Sales Room

After the first meeting with the customer, you can create a Digital Sales Room with just a few clicks, thanks to a pre-built Digital Sales Room template. The template is custom designed to include all the desired components to fit the product or service and the organization’s buying process. These can consist of sales documents, product catalogs, customer stories, contracts, contact information, appointment scheduling, and links to other critical information.

2. Personalize A Digital Sales Room

After the quick work of setting up a new Digital Sale Room using pre-built templates, you can easily personalize the experience based on each unique customer. For example, you can add a custom offer and value-added content for the specific buyer or buyer group. For a truly personalized experience, you can also record a personal video which can be automatically added to the digital sales room.

3. Share

Sharing access to Digital Sales Rooms couldn’t be easier. You as a seller simply share a custom link giving the potential customer full access to all the content. The buyer can also easily share the link with other members of the buying group, so everyone has precisely what they need.

4. Engage

The Digital Sales Room is not a static site. Instead, it can be updated throughout the buyer’s journey. For example, you can update and add videos and materials as the sales project progresses or if the buyer has additional questions or needs. In addition, you can track customer activity, see what they are accessing and when, and reach out to answer questions or concerns at the appropriate time.

5. Close the deal

Sometimes closing the deal is about differentiating yourself from the competition and making the buying process as seamless as possible. The Digital Sales Room is designed to make this happen and turn prospects into happy customers.


Why Should I Use Digital Sales Rooms?