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Digital Sales Room for successful B2B sales

The Noux Digital Sales Room is the easiest way to share key documents, use personalised videos and interact with the entire buying group.

Digital Sales Room
Selling is difficult.
Buying is even more difficult.

B2B buying – not just sales - is becoming increasingly complicated. So, companies that can make digital buying more interesting and accessible are the ones that will win the race.

Factors that lower your sales:

A difficult buying process - Even if you offer the most value-added product on the market, a poor process can be significant barrier to sales.


Fragmented communication and document sharing - When documents are delivered as email attachments, there is no version control.


Limited interaction with stakeholders - If you only communicate with the lead purchaser, you lose the chance to influence everyone involved in the buying decision.


Lack of emotional connection - In the era of remote selling, it is easy to lose the type of relationship that can lead to increased sales.

What is Noux?

Noux Digital Sales Room is one place for you and customer's buying group. All the content and communication you need to get the deal done in a single location.


Of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex or difficult

Here is why you will love
Noux Digital Sales Room:

You can connect with your customer's buying group in a way that inspires them to make a purchase.
You can create personalized videos that will capture the attention of buying group members.
You can offer updated and relevant content to a customer's buying group to engage them and walk them through the buying process.
You will see results quickly! Sales will improve rapidly! Revenue will grow!

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