8 Dec 2023

Noux Notetaker – The Fastest way to Create and Summarize AI-Powered Meeting Notes

Imagine if your meeting notes and their high-quality summaries were created automatically, immediately available to share with your clients, and seamlessly integrated into your CRM system. Welcome to the world of Noux Notetaker!
Esa-Matti Karine
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While Noux is dedicated to helping sales teams enhance their customers’ buying experiences, we also aim to reduce the burden of routine tasks on sales professionals and improve the overall quality of their work. This is where our brand-new feature, Noux Notetaker, comes into play. It automatically generates your meeting notes and utilizes artificial intelligence to create concise and insightful summaries of your conversations.

Why Do You Need Noux Notetaker?

Meetings between B2B salespeople and clients are often tense situations, where salespeople strive to establish good interaction and thoroughly understand the client’s situation, desires, and goals. Even exceptional salespeople may struggle to focus on both intensive interactions and making clear notes simultaneously.

Inadequate notes pose several challenges. First and foremost, critical information may be forgotten, which is not immediately apparent and can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

Is your CRM system filled with well-structured meeting notes? If you answered “yes,” your sales team belongs to the small minority in the B2B field. Salespeople often neglect updating CRM systems, leading to incomplete or outdated information that can result in missed opportunities or lost contracts. Salespeople easily forget essential parts of the conversation. Moreover, when a salesperson changes or a new one joins the sales process, the lack of good documentation from past discussions can make the transition difficult.

Some salespeople may create good notes, but summarizing and entering them into the CRM system consumes a significant amount of valuable time.

How Does Noux Notetaker Work?

In a nutshell, Noux Notetaker operates as follows: Invite Notetaker to your online meeting, receive a transcript of the conversation after the meeting, get a summary generated by artificial intelligence (AI), which you can share with your client, and have it automatically saved in your CRM system. You’ll also gain valuable insights into meeting dynamics for development purposes.

1. Invite Notetaker to the Meeting

You can invite Notetaker to the meeting either before or during it. Currently, Notetaker supports Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings.

2. Confirm the Use of Automatic Meeting Notes

At the beginning of the meeting, ensure your client’s consent to creating an automatic record of the meeting. You can say something like, “Is it acceptable to create automated meeting notes? I can also share a summary with you after the meeting.”

3. Notetaker Joins the Meeting and Records the Conversation

The notetaker automatically identifies all meeting participants, the start and end times of the meeting, and records the entire conversation, recognizing the spoken language.

4. AI Completes the Summary After the Meeting

When the meeting concludes, AI generates a summary based on the meeting’s text. The summary includes essential information, an overview, agreed-upon follow-up actions, and the entire conversation in text format.

5. Customize the Summary

The summary is customizable, allowing you to add your observations or corrections.

6. Share the Summary with the Client

The summary links to your salesroom, enabling you to share it with your client and make it visible to relevant team members, such as those involved in the purchasing process.

7. Automatic Integration with CRM

Once the summary is linked to your salesroom, and your salesroom is integrated with your CRM system, the summary and transcript are automatically saved in your CRM system under the corresponding deal or opportunity.

8. Enhance Interaction with Meeting Analytics

Each meeting generates a timeline that displays who was speaking at each point during the meeting. You can see each participant’s speaking percentage, the salesperson’s talk-to-listen ratio, and the longest monologue. In addition to individual meetings, you can view average statistics from multiple meetings and track your own development. If you aim to improve aspects like listening during meetings, this tool allows you to monitor your progress effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Noux Notetaker be used for internal meetings as well as client meetings?

Yes, Noux Notetaker can be used to create meeting notes and summaries for any virtual meeting, whether with clients or internal stakeholders.

How accurate are the transcripts and summaries in different languages?

Noux Notetaker is built on advanced AI components to ensure that the transcripts and summaries are of high quality, even in less common languages, such as Finnish. Many of our clients have been impressed with the quality of the text.

Can Noux Notetaker be used in live meetings?

While Noux Notetaker is primarily designed for creating meeting notes in virtual meetings, it can also be used to record and produce notes for live meetings. However, for live meetings, you’ll need to manually input participant details, and you won’t receive additional analytics on meeting dynamics.

Is video or audio recording, in addition to text, available for meetings?

By default, Noux Notetaker doesn’t offer video or audio recording. However, these features are available in the Enterprise package.

What is the pricing for Noux Notetaker?

Noux users receive a certain amount of free usage of Noux Notetaker, depending on the package. Once that usage is exhausted, the pricing is based on a price-per-meeting model. Considering the time saved, the cost is relatively low, even for an hour-long meeting. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide more details on our pricing.

Noux Notetaker is here to revolutionize your sales experience, making it more efficient and effective than ever before. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and let AI take care of the hard work.

Would you like to try Noux? Get in touch, and we’ll arrange a test run!

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