Key Features
Sales document sharingSALES DOCUMENT SHARING
Share your offer and other important sales documents with your customer via the Sales Room
Document sharing

Provide your customers with the material they need to make a buying decision in an easy-to-understand format. Add any documents, links, videos or images you want right in the Digital Sales Room. All the common document formats will work, so you don’t have to do the time-consuming and expensive work of converting documents.

Use the file formats that work best for you
Setting up a new Sales Room is quick and easy with ready-made templates
Offer an improved customer experience: all up-to-date material is available in one place
Document sharing
Personalised sales videoPERSONALISED SALES VIDEOS
Create personalised sales videos
Video recording

Increase personalisation and trust in online selling by communicating with customers and other buying group members through personalised sales videos. Don’t lose deals because members of buying group don’t understand the value of the service you provide. With just a few clicks, record an introduction video, offer walkthrough or product demo to ensure that everyone understand the value of your service, even buying group members you have yet to meet.

Record your screen, webcam or both
Create personal video messages or offer walkthrough
No need for other equipments
Video recording
Sales document trackingSALES DOCUMENT TRACKING
Follow up on your sales documents
Buying group status

Keep track of who is visiting the Digital Sales Room and gain insights into prospect behavior by seeing what content people are viewing and how much time they spend on it. In addition, Noux delivers reminders to members of the buying group to ensure the sales process stays active.

Track and follow the buying team and follow up promptly
Quickly identify who has read specific sales documents
Keep your sales process on track, save time and boost your sales with automated reminders
Buying group status
Let your customer communicate with you in the way that works for them
Sales engagement

Allow your customer to contact you in the way they want, as easily as possible. This will ensure that they get an answer to their question as quickly as possible. The customer can ask you questions about their buying decision via chat in the Digital Sales Room. They can also call you directly, send you an email, or book an appointment directly from your calendar.

Remove communication barriers with your customers
Make it easier for your customer's buying group to reach out with Digital Sales Room chat
Enable customers to book an appointment directly on your calendar
Sales engagement
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