14 Apr 2023

Boost Your B2B Sales with Personalized Videos: 8 Proven Strategies

Esa-Matti Karine
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Do you want to stand out from competitors and make your sales process more effective? You can achieve that by using personalized sales videos. Use videos at different stages of the sales process to build interest and trust and ensure the message gets through to the entire buying group.

1. Appointment Setting Video

Getting appointments has become more difficult every year as competition intensifies. Mass emails quickly reach a large audience, but the conversion rate can be low. Making a personalized video for each customer may seem laborious, but when you compare the effort to the results, you’ll see it’s worth it.

How to create a personalized video to support appointment setting? 

A good agenda makes video creation efficient. We recommend a concise, energetic video that lasts about a minute and conveys your desire to meet that customer.

A good agenda for an appointment-setting video:

  • Greet the customer by name so they immediately realize that the video was made specifically for them and continue watching. Hi Robert!
  • Introduce yourself and your company in a sentence or two. “I am Lisa Swan from Crane Consulting – we help our customers like you to improve their management culture.”
  • Explain why you want to meet them specifically, highlighting the aspect of the customer’s situation or profile that interests you.
  • Highlight references that are most suitable for this customer.
  • Explain why you want to meet and justify the value of the meeting.
  • Suggest a meeting time and guide the viewer to a message or digital sales room with a calendar link.

2. Video for Confirming Appointments

Do your scheduled appointments often get canceled? Your client’s enthusiasm may fade before the appointment, and other priorities take precedence over meeting you.

Try confirming your appointments with a video greeting – it’s guaranteed to reduce cancellations. And the best part is that it will only take a few minutes of your time.

How to Create a Great Appointment Confirmation Video?

Make a short video that conveys your energy and excitement about the upcoming meeting. Communicate the value of the appointment on the video. Here’s an example of what you could include in a brief appointment confirmation video:

  1. Share your enthusiasm for meeting with your client and hearing more about their situation.
  2. Recap the schedule for the upcoming meeting.
  3. Recap the agenda for the upcoming meeting.
  4. Give a preview of the meeting’s content. For instance, you could tell them that you will be sharing the benefits of your reference clients.

When you make an appointment confirmation video through the digital salesroom, you’ll also have a convenient way to deliver any additional material and enable video sharing so that your customers’ colleagues have an easy way to join in the buying process.

3. Post Meeting Introductory Video

You just had a great customer meeting. Your customer was excited about your offering, and everything looked promising. Shortly after the meeting, you sent the customer a summary of the meeting and a proposal for collaboration. You hope and expect your potential customer and their colleagues to review the material and become excited to buy from you.

But then, there’s no response from the customer. They don’t answer your calls, and when you finally get in touch, they apologize for not having gone through the material yet. Where did the enthusiasm go?

A personalized video for each client is part of the solution. With personalized videos for each client, you can stand out from competitors and better convince decision-makers who may not have been present at the meeting due to scheduling conflicts.

How can you create a compelling introductory video after the meeting?

Post meeting introductory video - script

Before shooting the video, you don’t need lengthy preparation, but make sure you convey a cheerful and positive mood with your demeanor.

Start the video by thanking the client for the previous meeting. You could also briefly introduce yourself to possible decision-makers who couldn’t attend the meeting.

Use most of the time to discuss the client’s situation and needs – after a good meeting, you should clearly understand their situation. Your clients will appreciate seeing that you can empathize with their unique situation and are not just interested in selling your solution.

As the third step, reflect your offer to your client’s needs. Briefly explain how your service can help them. Give a concise overview of the collaboration model.

The goal of the last step is to encourage your client to act: to read the offer and other documents and to share the content with other decision-makers.

Sharing videos through the salesroom has many benefits for both the customer and the salesperson.


A digital salesroom makes video an integral part of the sales culture. When the benefits of video are measurable and made extremely easy to produce, salespeople will start creating more videos.


A digital salesroom encourages your customers to share your salesroom, and thus your video, with the rest of your buying group. With a digital salesroom, you not only get data on the number of views of your video, but you also know which members of your buying group have viewed your video.


In the digital salesroom, other data is attached to the video. For the customer, watching the video is a convenient way to switch attention to, for example, your offer document. The digital salesroom also offers a variety of ways for the customer to interact with the salesperson. For example, the customer can ask the salesperson a video-triggered question.

4. Recording the Meeting

It is not uncommon that multiple prospects sign up for a sales meeting, but only one potential customer can attend. This does not always mean that the content of the meeting is not of interest to others. In addition, a large group of people who cannot attend the sales meeting often influence the purchasing decision.

Recording the meeting can be part of the solution. However, it is worth considering whether summarizing the content of the meeting instead of a complete recording is the right way to serve other buying team members.

In certain types of meetings, recording may make the customer more cautious and reserved. Therefore, recording should be carefully considered.

Usually, meetings with a solid pre-defined agenda and focused discussions are ideal for later viewing. For example, product demos can be as effective when viewed later as live meetings.

How to use recording as part of your sales process?

Always start by asking the customer for permission to record the meeting and explain how the recording will be used. When sharing the recording with the customer, describe the content and provide key points for those who want to skip sections that are not interesting.

Sharing the meeting recording can be done conveniently through a digital sales room. The advantage of a digital sales room is that the large file size of the recording is not a challenge as with email distribution.


Other materials are also available in the digital sales room; your customer can easily share videos and the digital sales room with their colleagues.


In addition, members of your customer’s buying team can ask you questions directly through the various communication channels in the sales room.

5. A “walkthrough” video of your proposal

Going through your proposal in a meeting or virtual call is convenient, as it allows you to see your customer’s reactions and answer their questions directly. However, it can sometimes be challenging to find a suitable time for the proposal walkthrough, or some buying group members may not be able to attend. In these cases, creating a concise video outlining the proposal’s main points can be an effective solution.

Tips for creating a proposal walkthrough video

When creating your proposal walkthrough video, it’s essential not to explain every page in detail rigidly. Instead, focus on the key points and sections that are most important and that will be better understood when described verbally. A concise video will allow your customer to explore the proposal on their terms.

The digital sales room provides a direct way to record your screen and go through the proposal. Once recorded, the video can be found directly in the sales room among other materials.

6. Demo Video

If you sell, for example, an application where product presentation plays a key role in sales, a video demonstration of the product can help, especially for those buying team members who were unable or did not want to attend the meeting. Sometimes, one recording can work for multiple customers, but the time spent creating a personalized product demo video can pay off if your product use cases vary by customer.

How to create a demo video to support your sales?

Nothing is as boring as a boring product demo! Salespeople tend to fall in love with product features and present the product in a too product-centric and lengthy manner. The same tip applies to the structure of a demo video as to making a live demo: show features but also talk about benefits, customer stories, and value. Although it is often more familiar and easier for the salesperson to communicate features, it is worth discussing benefits and describing the service’s impact through customer stories, for example.

Effectiveness of the product demo in personalized sales videos

With a digital sales room, you can make a product demo with just a few clicks. Your customers can find the video among other up-to-date material and can ask questions that arise during the demo, for example. You also get data on which buying group members have watched the video.

7. Q&A Video

If you are dealing with a buying group rather than an individual customer, and if there are a lot of questions during the buying process, it can be useful to video a summary of the critical questions and provide the answers for all members of the buying group to see. Such a video is particularly useful in longer buying processes as a way of capturing the attention of the quieter negotiation phase.

8. Reference Video

References play a huge role in reducing the customer’s sense of risk. In B2B sales, references are increasingly being used in a variety of ways. Below is a list of the effectiveness of different ways of implementing referencing, from the least to the most effective:

  1. Name of a referral client
  2. Name and logo
  3. The referrer’s written comment
  4. Referral story: a longer description of a successful collaboration
  5. Reference video
  6. Client-specific reference video

The power of a personalized testimonial lies in the fact that your satisfied customer tells your potential customer in his own words and in a personal video about the cooperation.

How to make a customer testimonial video

The first step is to find a suitable referral client and get their consent. The reference client should be given a clear description of the sales process in which the video will be used and the type of short video they would like the reference client to produce. It will be easier for your referral to tell their story to the camera when you provide them with a clear content template. Here is a sample agenda for a testimonial video:

  1. A brief introduction
  2. Why did your client choose your company as their supplier?
  3. What was the key challenge to overcome?
  4. How was the collaboration successful, and what are the results?


Personalized sales videos can significantly enhance your B2B sales process, building interest and trust with your prospects. Use appointment-setting videos to capture attention and convey your desire to meet specific clients. Confirm appointments with video greetings to reduce cancellations and maintain excitement. Post-meeting introductory videos help retain the enthusiasm and ensure your message reaches decision-makers not present at the meeting.

Record meetings with permission for those who couldn’t attend. Create a proposal walkthrough video highlighting key points and use demo videos to showcase your product or service effectively. Answer questions through Q&A videos to engage the entire buying group. Leverage reference videos to showcase successful collaborations and reduce perceived risk.

Integrating personalized sales videos into your strategy will make you stand out from competitors and create a more effective sales process. Utilize digital sales rooms to easily create, share, and track the performance of your videos, ensuring a seamless experience for salespeople and customers.

Contact me if you want to learn more about the endless possibilities of B2B sales videos and digital sales rooms. Thank you for reading!

Esa-Matti Karine

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