3 May 2024

Reference Videos: How to Get Customers Speaking for You with Minimal Effort

Esa-Matti Karine
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Customer-shot reference videos are the most viewed content in the sales room

Would you like your satisfied customers to speak for you? You can best achieve that by leveraging customer-shot reference videos. References play a significant role in reducing customer risk perception. In B2B sales, references are increasingly being utilized diversely.

Authentic customer-shot reference videos have been proven effective. According to Noux’s data, they are the most viewed content in digital sales rooms. Not only are they viewed by a large percentage, but they are often the first materials viewed.

Below is a list of the impactfulness of different reference implementation methods from the most to least impactful:

  1. Professionally produced reference video
  2. Customer-shot reference video
  3. Reference story
  4. Written comment from the customer
  5. Name and logo
  6. Customer’s name

The power of a customer-shot reference lies in your satisfied customer telling their story in their own words and personally on video to your potential customer. The effectiveness of an authentic customer-shot reference video is remarkable in relation to the effort and cost of production.

Here’s how to get reference videos from customers

The first step is to find a suitable reference customer and seek consent from them. Start by listing with your sales team approximately 10 customers whose voices you want to be heard in your sales initiatives. In our experience, about half of customers agree to shoot a reference video.

It’s worthwhile to inform the reference customer about how the video will be used and to explain the type of video you expect from them. Your reference customer will find it easier to share their story on camera when you emphasize that the video will only be used to support customer-specific sales initiatives and not publicly, such as on social media.

Here’s an example agenda for a reference video:

  • Brief introduction
  • Why did the customer choose your company as a partner?
  • A key challenge to be solved?
  • Successes and achieved results of the collaboration

In Noux’s digital sales room, there’s a feature that allows you to request a reference video from a customer who sees the instruction and can conveniently shoot the video with their phone. The customer approves the video, and the seller receives an automatic notification via email.

In the sales room, all customer-shot reference videos are available for selection. This way, the seller can choose the most supportive reference video for their sales project among other sales materials.

Requesting, creating, and using a reference video can take just a few minutes at best, but its impact can be significant in the sales process.

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