How does
Noux Notetaker work?
Invite Noux Notetaker to your meeting, and automation takes care of the rest.
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Invite Noux Notetaker to a remote meeting. Ask for permission at the beginning of the meeting and tell customer that Noux Notetaker will summarise discussion for both of us.

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Noux Notetaker automatically converts the meeting into text and uses AI to summarise the meeting.

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After the meeting, the summary ready for review and can be distributed from the salesroom to the customer’s buying group.

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The summary is also automatically available in the CRM system.

Key Features
Automatic Transcript and SummaryAutomatic Transcript and Summary
Save time by letting the AI and automation documentate your meeting
Automatic Transcript and Summary

Never again worry about taking meeting notes or missing critical information. After joining the meeting, Noux Notetaker automatically records the session, identifies the participants and their voices, and creates a timeline transcript. Once the discussion concludes, Noux Notetaker makes a meeting summary, eliminating the need to review the full transcript and saving you time. Enjoy the automatic summary that you can review and share with your customer.

Keep your focus on your customer - not on taking notes.
Never miss a single part of information or even the smallest detail.
Enjoy the automatic summary that you can review and send to your customer.
Automatic Transcript and Summary
Dynamic Conversation InsightsDynamic Conversation Insights
Improve your negotation skills
Dynamic conversation insights

Noux Notetaker is designed to transform how you conduct meetings, ensuring that every voice is heard and every minute counts. Its speaker timeline visualises who’s dominating the conversation and who needs encouragement to speak up. You will also discover the perfect balance between speaking and listening by analysing your talk-to-listen ratio. Noux even tells you your talking speed and lists the longest monologues, encouraging brevity and clarity in communication.

Talk-to-Listen Ratio
Longest Monologues
Talking speed
Speaking Turns per Minute
Dynamic conversation insights
IntegrationsSupports all big players
Works in popular meeting apps, and syncs with your Noux salesroom and your CRM
CRM and meeting app synchronization

Are you tired of manually updating your CRM with meeting notes? We hear you. In addition to creating a fully automatic meeting transcript, Noux Notetaker will publish it in your Noux sales room and your CRM. Spend less time on data entry and more on what truly matters – growing your business and servicing your clients.

Save time - no need to even log in to your CRM
Never worry about missing information, it's all there - safe and sound.
Boost your team performance by instantly sharing your meeting insights
Supports Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom
Supports HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce
CRM and meeting app synchronization
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